who we are


Reaching the ideal balance of performance, functionality, reliability and design is fundamental to what we do, coupled with the ability to quickly respond to market trends. In pursuit of this goal we
have four R&D teams and 50 employees in many parts of country constantly engaged on this front.

We analyse the market, we monitor user socio-behavioral trends, we identify the best promotional communications tools. Today our market split can be expressed as approximately 45% business to business and 55% end user of the corporate world.

GLOBAL Trust Opportunities

Chawla Movies provides the largest sourcing platform for the professional Lighting VIDEO and Audio industry. The range of goods and services covers innovations from the field of event, media and communications technology, AV production and systems integration – from Internationally Renowned Brands as well as from local manufacturers.

international presence

From our base in New Delhi, India services shows across the world. Through close relationships with the best Rental Companies, we are able to provide services where they are needed with “VIRTUAL” warehouses as required.
Chawla Movies has an enviable record for world-class Audio-Video, Lights and Trussing.